Hinza Bags Come to Canada!

Three years ago I bought a Hinza bag. I use this bag everyday, for everything. It has been to many markets, grocery stores, LCBO’s, and lives on the floor of my car full of whatever goodies I have bought during the day. It has been a cutting bucket for the garden and has been an ice bucket with ice and coolers for a party. It is awesome and I wanted another.

I contacted the company I bought it from to find they were no longer in business. We emailed Hinza in Sweden and learned no one in Canada carried them. The RP Team decided that we should give them a try so we ordered 40. Fingers crossed someone else would like them as much as I did, we posted a photo of them on Facebook. On the first day we had them, we sold 18. Four days later, we had 2. So we emailed Hinza and ordered 60. Two weeks later, very few Hinza bags left. So we ordered 60 more. Today is 3 weeks after that last shipment and we are down to 10 bags. 60 more bags left Sweden today with a new maroon colour to add to the awesome colours. We have sold 150 Hinza Bags since the end of May and everyone who has bought one loves this bag. Many have come in to buy another or as a gift for a friend. We are the only company in Canada that sells them and we have shipped them to Nova Scotia and Southern Ontario.

I am so grateful everyone loves these bags as much as I do. I also LOVE selling them to people because I know they are going to LOVE them to!

Do you think you might need a Hinza Bag?